Dulles Metrorail Silver Line, Phase 2 Structural Steel Earns Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award

The Washington Building Congress (WBC) has recognized the quality of the structural steel framing on the Dulles Metrorail Silver Line, Phase 2A with a 2019 Craftsmanship Award.  As subcontractors to Capital Rail Constructors, Banker Steel Company (BSC) and Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc (Williams Steel) worked together to fabricate and install more than 4,000 tons of structural steel across six metrorail passenger stations, nine pavilion parking areas, and 31 pedestrian bridges for this project. Each work element incorporated distinctive and complex geometry that required a high level of coordination and advanced planning to fabricate and install steel with minimal disruption to the surrounding community.

Eighteen of the 31 pedestrian bridges were picked and set over active roadways. Access to the six passenger stations was frequently limited to an 11-foot drive lane in one direction. Because much of the work was adjacent to active roadways, the team performed significant coordination with other trades and traffic crews, as well as the Airports Authority, VDOT, MWAA Police, and other local and county agencies to ensure safe and successful installation.

The pedestrian bridges, some weighing more than 150,000 pounds, were transported utilizing Williams Steel’s 36-axle Goldhofer hauling rig.  Using the rig’s hydraulic lifts, the team was able to keep the bridge decks level while traversing over uneven roadways while fully loaded.

The project team’s exceptional quality and attention to detail were honored at the 63rd annual WBC Craftsmanship Awards Banquet on March 29, 2019.    

The Dulles Metrorail Silver Line, Phase 2A project will extend the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Silver Line 11.4 miles west to Dulles International Airport and beyond to Loudoun County.